Contextual unit and timezone conversion on any web page (units: metric/Imperial, both ways; timezones: any timezone to your local time).

Converts either the selected measurement (via right click), or the entire page (via status bar icon, or right click->Convert the entire page; each option can be shown or hidden via configuration).

Supported units: meters, feet, degrees Celsius, Fahrenheit, inches, centimeters, kilometers, miles, km/h, mph, square meters, square feet, kg, lb, fl oz, milliliters, and more (plus some spelling variations).

Comments, opinions and feedback most welcome; for bug reports please read the "Developer Comments" section below.

For more details, please visit the project's homepage --


Colors in Google search results.

Simple Firefox extension that highlights search terms in webpages brought up through's search. That means that instead of having to look for the terms in the page's text or to independently use the function 'find,' your browser will do it automatically for you.

An example of how it works:
- go to, and search for a term (say, tomcat).
- *nothing happens on the google search page*, but when you click on a result on the search page, the text is highlighted.

Cookie Button

Button for easy access to cookie permissions. A button placed in the firefox toolbar allowing one to change cookie permissions for the host of the current page.

Cookie Button in the status bar

Button for easy access to cookie permissions in the status bar. For those who have been asking for cookie button in the status bar.

Cookie Manager Button

The built-in Cookie Manager of Firefox is good but it requires too many steps to open. This extension creates an icon on the navigation toolbar to help access the Cookie Manager more easily.


Extended Cookie Manager--protect/unprotect selected cookies


CookieSwap is an extension that enables you to maintain numerous sets or "profiles" of cookies that you can quickly swap between while browsing. This is useful for tasks like:

* Changing your cookies/identity to web e-mail sites (like Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, etc) so that you can quickly look like different users. Nice if you maintain multiple accounts and are tired of logging out and then back in to switch accounts. Also nice if two people are using the same computer and want to switch between accounts quickly.

* Changing your cookies/identity to see how sites like Amazon and Google treat you differently depending on who you are. For example, if Amazon recognizes you as a returning shopper they give you a different looking page (and there were claims that they give you different prices also). Google has begun to use a feature called "Personalized Search", where they modify their search results based on your user identity. There is a question about this when you create your Google account. The results of Google searches are different depending on if Google knows you or not. Use CookieSwap to quickly swap between Google recognizing you and being anonymous. Run the same search and see the differences.

* If you design web sites, you can setup numerous cookie profiles to look like different types of users and swap between those users quickly and easily to test your site in numerous modes (you can hand edit the cookies to have distinct values in each profile using a nice extension like 'Add & Edit Cookies').

Here is an example to show how this extension works:
1)Right click on the CookieSwap area of the Status Bar Panel (lower right corner of the browser) to bring up the CookieSwap menu. Select a profile (let's say 'Profile1')
2)Go to a web e-mail site (like and login
3)Bring up the CookieSwap menu again and select a different profile (let's say 'Profile2')
4)Again go to the web e-mail's main page. Note: Don't click on a link in the current open page. Instead, hand type the, or use a bookmarked entry for the site.
5)Notice the site doesn't recognize you as the previous user. Login with a different username if you want.
6)Use the CookieSwap menu to go back to Profile1 and again surf to the web e-mail's main page. It recognizes you again as the original user that logged in!

Now you can easily look like multiple different people on the web.

Load with Profile1, change your profile and load that page again. Amazon seems to know things about you, huh?


A tool to watch selected cookie in a statusbar.

Copper Fiber

Copper Carbon Fiber Theme for those who want a little carbon fiber in their lives.

More color versions available.

Post any suggestions and/or complaints (hopefully not many of these) in the User Comments section. I will look at them all.

Copy All Urls

copies and pastes all urls of open tabs inclusive history in structured and well defined form to and from the clipboard.

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