Because weather is important to you everyday... offers you instant local weather conditions, alerts, radar in motion, satellite maps, and forecasts all within your Firefox browser.

123 Travel Search

Creates 3 small travel search icons on the bottom of your browser. When clicking on them, they will create a little search box which allows you to enter your travel details once and then select the providers you want to see.

International users will see a metasearch. Depending on where the user is from, the search will be redirected to show merchants that can handle the purchase request.

2 Pane Bookmarks

This provides separated "Bookmarks" Sidebar panel like Opera. This splits the Bookmarks Sidebar panel with 2 panes. When you choose a folder from the above tree, the contents will be shown in the below pane.

22Pixels Sidekik

Access Live RSS Feeds And Other Data From Your Sidebar.


A Firefox toolbar to assist in site navigation. Brings all aspects of the website directly to your browser including messaging, direct links to the podcasts and magazing, and full site navigation.

30 Boxes Quick Add

Add a new "One Box" event to 30boxes via the context menu or the status bar icon without actually going to the 30boxes page. You can right click on any feed or ics link and add it directly to 30boxes. Additionally you can change the background of the new "webtop" page on 30boxes by simply right clicking on any image on any page. Use CTRL + ALT + O to bring up the One Box popup.


[708090] A simple and flat theme.


[708090-lite] A simple and flat theme.

A Contacts Manager

Fox Contacts is a firefox extension which is used as a simple Contact manager that saves and edits contact information.
All the data is stored in a SQLITE database in local system.

Please mail us if there are any bugs/suggestions. Do NOT post any bugs here because we need to know more information to resolve the bugs. Check out the email address on the homepage.

AFDigitale Plugin

Browse the forum and the website faster!

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